From My Journal


If you've made it this far, I'm ecstatic that you're considering me for your private modeling and companion needs! Thank you very much!

My fee schedule presented below for my time does not include any special modeling request, travel, expenses or arrangements; only my private modeling hourly fee schedule for refined clientele.

I do require a 30% deposit and a 1 hour minimum for all private modeling clients, with a minimum of 48 hours notice. My 1 hour minimum will cover UP TO (1) hour of private modeling session time.

I do NOT offer same day appointments to new client friends.

I do understand if you should have to depart early. However, please keep in mind, due to the extreme amount of preparation required for every experience, the rate is still the same as if you stayed for the entire engagement so why not try to stay if possible.

Engagements less than 1 hour for a lesser rate are NOT available.

  • $500

    1 hour
    • $300 / each additional hour
  • $800

    2 hours
    • $300 / each additional hour
Fly Me to You
  • $2,000 US $4,000 INTL

    + 2 hour minimum
  • Airfare round trip is paid by you. Fee does NOT include airfare. Fly Me To You (FMTY) includes 1 hour complimentary. 1 hour is given to you complimentary, however  you must pay required hourly minimum and FMTY base rate

The Fine Print you Should Read but Probably Won’t…

  • 30% deposit required preferably 2 weeks prior to session date for touring appointments.
  • 30% deposit and 48 hour notice required for local appointments.
  • A minimum of 4 independent prebooked appointments (for U.S. appointments) must be obtained prior to me visiting your destination unless other arrangements have been made or I’m touring.
  • Incall only – always.
  • Appointments cancelled within 24 hours or less require full payment to secure future sessions.
  • International & overnights are available — please inquire.

I understand that I am very much so an acquired taste and not affordable to many. If my private modeling fees are out of your comfort zone, I strongly encourage you to seek another private model. Due to expenses such as travel, care, and coordination of a private modeling session, (it takes 2 hours to apply makeup alone), the above-mentioned rates are not negotiable. Shorter engagement rate discounts are not offered.