From My Journal


What will happen at our private modeling meeting?

As your private model, there will be fun and exciting wardrobe modeling and changes, and amazing conversation! Outside of this, I believe in a completely natural experience. Absolutely no pressure from either party involved.

I cant afford your rates, can you offer a discount?

I do not offer discounts or shorter appointments. I highly suggest you seek a more accommodating private model more suitable to your financial restrictions.

Can you come to my location for a private modeling appointment?

For security reasons, our appointment accommodations will be of my choosing and to the highest possible standards to ensure you have the most amazing experience possible.

I'd love to meet a real private model! How will i know when you're in my city?

Once you’ve completed my prescreening process and I decide we’re a good match, location information will be made available to you.

I would like to schedule your modeling services for a specific location and date, is this an option?

Absolutely! I’d love to meet you in your city whenever you desire! I do offer travel arrangement plans. Further details are available once you’re granted access into the membership area of my website.

What are the stats of Chloe Laveaux?

At the time of this publishing, I am 21 years old, 5’2, and a petite 115lbs. I wear a size 2-4 in dresses and clothes. My shoe size ranges from 6.5-7US, depending on the brand.

Why does your website require login?

I am very selective of whom I allow into my inner circle of friends, therefore only screened clients are allowed access to more sensitive areas of my website.

I'm not comfortable providing information required for your prescreening process, can I provide another form of verification?

The information requested is required for my safety and my safety alone. For me it holds no other purpose or value. For your convenience, I do offer 2 screening methods, basic information and verification service information submission.


I am a very safe and selective private model, once you have been properly vetted, you will be allowed access to my schedule and booking form in the client account area.

What is your cancellation policy?

A 30% nonrefundable deposit is required 2 weeks prior to meeting to assist with travel expenses, payable via various discrete payment services online. This deposit will be applied to the booked and intended appointment only. In the rare event, I should have to cancel our appointment, you have the option of requesting a refund of said deposit OR applying the deposit towards your next session within 30 days.

In the event YOU should need to cancel our appointment, your deposit is forfeit.

Appointments cancelled within 3 days of appointment require a $350 cancellation fee as I have already incurred accommodation expenses.

Appointments cancelled within 24 hours or less must pay the entire session fee.

Failure to pay cancellation fees will result in forfeit of any future appointments together and possible blacklisting.